customer feedback

“When I relocated with my family from the UK to Frankfurt, we had many questions, quite a lot of stress, and plenty of uncertainties. Irene (Relocation Assistance) relieved all our anxieties. Not only did she help us with all the practical matters, like finding a home and guiding us through the myriad registration processes, she made us feel at ease and welcome. I give my highest recommendation to Relocation Assistance.”

Joshua E.

“Moving can be quite a daunting task and, when you add in a new language and culture, it becomes much scarier. Luckily for us, we had Irene right by our side as we took on the many challenges in front of us. Honestly, Irene made it all seem rather fun and easy which really speaks to her talent and her people skills. What she offers is priceless and it is without hesitation that I give Relocation Assistance my highest recommendation!“

Beth B.

“Ms Knaut-Thoms helped us in finding a new flat for our family of 4 in Frankfurt. Despite the tight briefing with many constraints (budget, area, # of rooms) we managed to find it within only 5 weeks from briefing to signing the contract.
Her expertise and deep knowledge of the local market are impressive. At the same time Ms Knaut-Thoms quickly developed a thorough understanding of our needs as an international family (German-French). Her resilience, positive spirit and persistency helped us to overcome backlashes, better wait for more offers to come and remain positive.
She is extremely customer-oriented, very flexible and offers an excellent after-sales-service from checking rental contract details to finding appropriate energy- and WiFi-suppliers. Like this we managed to not only find a flat, but our new home for the next years to come. We highly recommend her service for any Frankfurt newcomers, being them expats or Germans.”

Carole B. & Oliver W.

Navigating the nuances of bureaucratic procedures successfully is never easy, and this is especially challenging when one has recently moved to the country with a pregnant spouse, a demanding job, and has little knowledge of the language and customs.

We made an excellent choice in hiring Relocation Assistance since the very beginning, and so we never experienced any stress or failure when dealing with the German authorities, even when there were some complex requests.

Relocation Assistance were always happy to answer any questions we had, always made sure we were well prepared to successfully complete all the administrative procedures we needed, and always there – present with us at the appointments not only as an indispensible ally but also giving us reassurance and hope every step of the way.

Their help was crucial when the decision on whether we would stay or return was being made and what I value beyond their abundant competence is their human touch and sincere, kind-hearted caring for the people they are helping.

They have been absolutely amazing and I am recommending them wholeheartedly.

Dime, Biljana and Anna N.

“I have only nice things to say about Relocation Assistance. I already used their services twice and every time they were very professional and kind to me, and in the future, if I need again to deal with my Visa I’ll definitely ask for their help.”

Joanna C.

“I did appreciate the support by Relocation Assistance in my application for the permanent residence in Germany. Irene discussed with me the list of necessary documents in detail, helped with questions that I came across while filling out the application form, and above all, her presence in the appointment with the Immigration office was very reassuring. Based on my experience, I can totally recommend her Relocation Assistance services.”

Gabriela W.

“Relocation Assistance helped us organise all the practical aspects of our move, including finding a house, registering us and our vehicles, and answering many questions that we came up with. 

Our consultant, Irene Knaut-Thoms was very professional and friendly, understood our preferences well and was quick and efficient. 

We are very happy to recommend her and Relocation Assistance, they made our relocation smooth, easy and stress-free.” 

Jonathan S.

I had the fantastic opportunity to go through the whole process of expanding my Permit of Residence in Germany with the help and support of the kind Ms. Irene Knaut-Thoms from the Relocation Assistance services. This is an exceptional service, as it is efficient and personalized in the extend that it also cares for the people involved, and its objective, among others, is indeed helping people to successfully achieve their professional goals.


Juan H.