Settling-In Services

At your side

Using our experience we coordinate all the contacts with the authorities as effectively as possible for you and deal with all the relevant formalities. Thanks to our excellent networks of connections on location and our many years of experience in dealing with the competent authorities, we can provide you with comprehensive assistance on all questions.

We are always here for you. Personally and with custom-tailored services, entirely in accordance with your requirements. We also gladly assist you with tasks beyond the standard requirements and do so with great dedication.

How can we help you? All you have to do is simply contact us and we shall come up with the best solutions for your requirements. 



Information about the required documents, management of the complete process through to the issue of the visa, conversion of the visa into a valid residence permit

Conversion of driver’s licenses (with/without test)

  • Information about state-specific conversion regulations, translation of the original driver’s license, application for a German driver’s license, coordination of instruction with driving schools, registration for the first aid course


Importing a vehicle

  • Customs formalities, arrangement of an appointment for a TÜV vehicle inspection and accompaniment to such inspection, vehicle registration including procurement of the required documents, vehicle servicing such as repairs or modifications